PowerMeter is a free energy data repository and analysis tool by Google. eGauge can periodically upload some or all of its data to PowerMeter. For privacy-reasons, the eGauge owner has to explicitly opt into sharing data with Google. This is done by clicking on the "Activate" button below (or "Reactivate", if PowerMeter had been activated before). Before activating PowerMeter, please read the Google PowerMeter Privacy Policy.

Once activated, eGauge will start sending data to Google PowerMeter approximately once every 10 minutes. During these updates, eGauge will upload the most recent energy-consumption and -production readings. It will also fill in some of the history stored on eGauge. In a first phase, eGauge gradually uploads the most recent year's worth of data with 24-hour granularity. In the second phase, the most recent 31 days' worth of data are uploaded with 10-minute granularity. From that point on, only new data is uploaded.

PowerMeter Control and Status

PowerMeter service: Disabled

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